About Us

Venartis® is the name of a particular vein therapy. It is totally pain-free. It is without any surgery. In fact it is quite comfortable. It has the potential to solve all those vein problems, like varicose veins or insufficiency. It does not require compression stockings. It provides nice aesthetic results. It is valuable. It is unique.

We are basicly a Swiss Company, with friend all over the world, in particular the US. We acquire medical knowledge from the best experts and then try to make things better.

As a first place to offer our treatents we chose a qualified hotel near Zurich with SPA and sport rooms, above the standards of private hospitals, to offer a maximum of comfort. We are happy to present Johann C. Ragg, MD and inventor of many vein techniques, to perform Venartis® treatments. His experience in interventional vein therapy is unique.

All your questions concerning therapy and appointments will be rapidly answered.

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