Venartis® - Therapy

The product ideas followed by Venartis® have already proved their basic benefit in large numbers of cases. How does that work, for new medical products? It is the strategy of a thousand small steps: We change the use of given products within the approval range, add new approved items, and see if physicians think it´s a benefit for their patients.

For example, we disaggreed to common tumecent anaesthesia for endovenous laser and RF as we found it too diffuse, and tried coaxial perivenous anesthesia instead, with much better results. This was the basis for the injection technique used today for hyaluronan application.

Will all our ideas just change today´s phlebology a little bit? Or will they will compose a totally new kind of venous therapy, a Venartis® therapy? Both options are worth while investing.

If you read this as a patient, please ask us for detailed information! Some of the products are approved (CE-Mark) while others may just be available for particular cases within controlled studies.

If you are a physician, you are very welcome to share experience.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us!