Venartis® - QM

So far, medical quality management was limited to lots of procedural controls. Hospitals have been rated, materials haven been certified.

We feel that it should be easier for patients to learn which doctor is the most qualified for their needs. For instance, not any vein specialist may be appropriate for nowadays treatment of varicose veins, but may be highly qualified for other tasks.

Second, we feel that the convenience of the patients in questionaires should not be limited to "was the treatment to your satisfaction"? If somebody undergoes vein surgery in a Hospital he will be told he might loose one liter of his blood, or even his leg. When he survives he will be grateful and if the leg still works he will be satisfied. In VENARTIS treatments, the question is "did you realize when the treatment started", or "could you feel anything strange during lasering"? It´s quite another level, but we are working on it to the patient´s benefit.

Detailed reports will follow!