... and thats what I experienced: I had my appointment an a Thursday 10 a.m.. Ist just 20 minutes from Zurich by car. The location has multiple parking lots. I had my varicose veins für more than twelve years, always refusing a surgical treatment because I was so much afraid of pain and complications. Now I was trembling. From the lobby I called the vein team, and within two minutes a young lady appeared and introduced herself as my personal coach. I had chosen the offer including a nice hotel room, and she took me there and told me all hotel services were included, such as SPA and fitness area. Nothing reminded me of a hospital, great!

Minutes later, the doctor arrived. "As it is a new kind of treatment, we should take time to go through all your questions..."

That´s how it started. Later on, my coach took me to the gym and explained to me the effect of several movements on my veins. In another room, I could watch my vein function on a TV Screen. Then I received a wellness massage, and then the doctor took over and told me he was now starting the treatment, but all I felt was that massage. Then he said " I now start the laser, do you feel anything in particular?" I didn´t, just felt the massage. I was so much surprised to hear him say "It´s finished!" After another 30 minutes on a treadmill and a nice shower it was all over. I am so glad I Chose this way to have my legs treated.

N.H., Zürich

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